Tally Ho Video Slot Recent Winners: 2020-10-14 : Barbara U. ( USA ) won $6850   2020-10-15 : Andrew U. ( UK ) won $4960   2020-10-16 : Joan R. ( USA ) won $4720   2020-10-17 : Brianna X. ( USA ) won $4200   2020-10-18 : Chelsea T. ( USA ) won $9200   2020-10-19 : Marvin G. ( UK ) won $4780   2020-10-20 : Juan K. ( USA ) won $3800  

Tally Ho Video Slot

Tally Ho Video Slot Tally Ho is a five reel, nine payline, and ninety coin slot machine. It has a scatter and a wild, multiplier symbol.

Tally Ho has two Bonus Features. These are Free Spins and Gamble.

The Wild Horse symbol is a wild, multiplier symbol. This means that it substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations, except the Scatter Horn symbol. And doubles the payout of any combination it completes.

Multiple Wild Horse symbols on an enabled payline create Wild Horse winning combinations. Wild Horse winning combination payouts are not doubled. The Wild Horse symbol only multiplies payouts if it acts as a wild symbol.

The Scatter Horn symbol is a scatter symbol. This means that it does not need to appear in a line on an enabled payline to win. It can be scattered anywhere on the five reels, provided two or more Scatter Horn symbols appear.

  • You are paid out for winning combinations on enabled paylines only, except for scatter wins. The Scatter Horn symbol can appear in any position, on any of the reels.
  • The Wild Horse symbol does not complete a scatter symbol combination.

  • Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled payline only, except for scatter wins.
  • Scatter wins are added to payline wins.
  • The value of the Free Spins and Gamble Bonus Feature prize is displayed in credits, not coins.
  • All regular payouts are in coins.
  • Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

When you open a Guest Account you will be given $2,500 virtual credits to play with. Once these expire, you are welcome to open a Real Account and play with real credits.

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